Refer a friend and you both get £10 OFF your next treatment

Make the most of a great saving on your treatment while getting the highest quality chiropractic care. How? It is simple: Refer a friend to us who has not visited our clinic before and you will both get £10 OFF your next treatment. For instance, if you are due for a follow up appointment or would like to book one, your next visit will be £10 less. When your friend has their initial assessment and advised on a follow up treatment, they will save £10 on their first follow up treatment.

OFFER ENDS: 31.10.19

How to refer a friend?

Only patients of ours can take on this offer. You may wish to refer a friend, a co-worker or a family member. Simply email us their name and contact number or ask them to call/email us. You can also book your friend instantly while you are at the clinic. Either of you will need to quote your names to ensure you both get the same offer. To get the offer your friend who you have referred should take on a treatment in order for both of you to get £10 OFF your individual treatment. Therefore if you refer a friend and they do not come in at all or do not continue to the recommended treatment, you will not be getting the offer.

Relieve your friend from pain and enjoy limited time savings

Do you know that some of your friends or a family member can be already suffering from back, neck pain and discomfort? Do you know that there might be an underlying condition?  A regular spinal check is absolutely essential to ensure there is no hidden problem that can turn into a grueling pain or complicated condition. Help your friends to help their spine be in healthy condition.

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