New Patient Offer: £50 only for consultation and treatment. Regular price  min. £110

All of our new patients can now save min. £60 off their first visit at The Back Pain Centre. Your first visit unlike others includes a comprehensive consultation and a treatment so you can start your healing process immediately. Your first visit will last up to 30 minutes. Daniel Voth DC will perform a thorough examination to find out the underlying cause of your problem is, he will provide you with a report of findings, advice and a custom-made treatment plan.

SAME DAY APPOINTMENTS /based on availability/


RRP Consultation & Examination: £70

RRP Treatment: Min. £40 Depending on the recommended treatment technique

Current Offer: £50 Consultation, Examination and Treatment

You SAVE min. £60

Is this you?

Do you suffer from back or neck pain? Do you experience numbness and tingling in your limbs? Do you work in the City and sit behind a computer for long hours? Is this causing you pain and discomfort and in turn your sleep is affected, your work performance and even mood? Don’t worry these are common complaints especially for the busy City worker. The Back Pain Centre has helped thousands of patients and we are here to help you too. If you suffer from different pain, repeat trauma and condition or your doctor has told you to visit a chiropractor, please call us today and see how we can help you. Daniel Voth DC treats a wide range of conditions and applies the latest systems and technology to relieve patients from pain. Thanks to over 22 years of extensive experience the Back Pain Centre offers you effective treatments such as: Chiropractic Adjustments, Active Release Techniques and Bioflex Cold Laser Therapy.

Your Spinal Health is important to you and to us.

Regular Checkups are recommended especially for: active sports people, people in sedentary professions, people who stand up for long hours during their workday, people with ongoing health condition(such as arthritis) and many more. You are advised to avoid waiting until there is unbearable discomfort or/and pain. Waiting can cause complications and pain can radiate to different parts of your body.

To book your £50 first visit, please tell us you would like to get the offer.

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