The Back Pain Centre is an experienced Chiropractic clinic focused on healing and maintenance. The clinic is in prime central London location with immediate access to London’s Liverpool Street station.

The Back Pain Centre is the clinic of choice for Chiropractic Adjustments, Bioflex Cold Laser Therapy and Active Release Techniques. The clinic is one of the few to offer advanced and modern technologies to treat and manage: Back Pain, Neck Pain, Sports Injuries, Soft tissue, Musculoskeletal conditions, Arthritis, and more.

Dr Daniel Voth Doctor of Chiropractic is a highly respected Chiropractor in the UK with extensive 23 years of experience in the field. He is a fully certified practitioner of Active Release Techniques and utilities Bioflex Cold Laser Therapy. He is also widely known for his effective manual and computerised Chiropractic adjustments. Daniel Voth DC is one of the few to offer a combination of the latest techniques and advanced technologies during the treatment processes. Chiropractic care and Active Release Techniques may alleviate the symptoms of some of the following conditions: Low back pain, Sciatica, ‘Slipped disc’ disc bulges, ‘Weak back’ leg pain, Pins and needles in the legs, feet, hands and arms, Between the shoulder pain/stiffness/discomfort, Rib pain/chest pain of a mechanical nature, Neck pain, Headaches, Migraines, Extremity joint conditions, Sports injuries, Postural disorders, Dizziness due to a mechanical nature, Degenerative arthritis and many more, focusing first on finding the underlying cause of the patient’s problem via high quality diagnostics. Daniel Voth DC has treated tens of thousands of people to date and continues on improving patients’ lives.

The Back Pain Centre has been always dedicated to helping people in the city and across London by providing high-quality examination, treatments and maintenance advice. If you are suffering from pain and unsure how to manage your condition, The Back Pain Centre in London City is here to provide you with the best solution for you.


Daniel Voth Chiropractor was born in Canada where his interest and knowledge in the Chiropractic field were developed. His original degree was in Environmental Science until he had a life changing experience with Chiropractic care that leads to a career change. He graduated from the National College of Chiropractic in Chicago. He moved to the UK in 2001 and quickly became a Chiropractor of choice in the City of London. He has over 23 years of extensive experience and he is one of the most experienced Active Release Techniques providers in Europe. He has treated over twenty-five thousand patients to date with most returning for maintenance treatment and actively referring his services. Daniel is highly respected Chiropractor and he is regularly invited to provide workshops and events for the City of London businesses including Royal & Sun Alliance, UBS & RBS.

Daniel is extremely qualified and one of the few fully certified providers and instructors of the industry’s famous techniques: ART (Active Release Techniques) plus the first Chiropractor in Europe to use Bioflex Cold Laser Therapy. He is also widely known for his Chiropractic adjustments. Many of Daniel’s patients come from all over London and Europe to alleviate their pain and correct their condition.

Daniel firmly believes in thorough patient history, diagnostics and listening to the patient. He always performs an all-inclusive initial consultation to find the underlying causes of the patient’s condition. Not only he provides a customised treatment plan but maintenance advice to prevent further and reoccurring pain. Daniel is familiar with a wide range of conditions, such as Back Pain, Neck Pain, Sports Injuries, Soft tissue, Musculoskeletal conditions, Arthritis, and more. His patients come to the clinic to seek pain relief for a variety of reasons. Most often a result of sedentary professions (common in the City), people with poor posture, traumas and many more. Thanks to his professional experience, he is able to give patients long-lasting and effective solutions.

Daniel is dedicated to providing the highest quality treatment and customer service. He firmly believes that each patient has to be informed and accommodated with excellent patient care. He has created a team who is devoted to assisting, help and advice. Daniel understands the impact and discomfort of pain can cause on someone’s life. It is his personal mission to keep improving patients’ health and day to day life.



Laura has been a BPC assistant and receptionist for over 4 years now. In 2010 Laura received a diploma in fashion in Latvia and soon after a diploma in Art in Latvia. She has always had an interest in how the human body functions. When there was a job opportunity at the Back Pain Centre she was very fond to turn her interest into her new career. Ever since taking on her role, Laura has been consistently developing her knowledge and professional skills.

Laura’s day to day task includes covering the reception and acting as Daniel’ Assistant. Laura is very thorough and organised. She in charge of arranging appointments, updating and filing patients’ medical records and most of the essential admin work. She is incredibly well-spoken and her welcoming approach has been many times appreciated by our patients. Throughout her experience, she became very knowledgeable about the treatments the Chiropractor performs. Laura is aware of how much discomfort pain causes to anyone’s life and she always ready to find solutions that fit the lifestyle and work schedule of each patient.

She is firmly embedded in the clinic’s culture and mission, one of which is excellent customer care. Not only she has been very well trained and has long experience in her role but she leads by example and set standards for customer care. Laura is the friendly, passionate and knowledgeable voice on our phone line. Should you need further assistance please contact Laura.






It is our priority to make you feel better. 



  • Prime Central London Location
  • Walking-distance from Liverpool Street Station

  • Convenient for City Workers
  • Extremely qualified chiropractor
  • Manual and Computerised(non-cracking) adjustments

  • One of the few registered chiropractors to use advanced technology

  • One of the most experienced Active Release Techniques practitioners in Europe

  • Bioflex Cold Laser Therapy practitioner

  • Expert in Chiropractic Adjustments

  • Treating and maintaining a wide range of conditions
  • High quality diagnostics and Customised treatment process

  • Great value treatments

  • Over 25 thousand treated patients
  • Effective and long-lasting solutions
  • Excellent patients’ care

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