Patient Reviews

There is nothing more rewarding than knowing we have positively impacted your lives! We thank all of our patients for sharing their experience at The Back Pain Centre.  

I spend long periods at a desk and combine that with a love of outdoor exercise. Daniel keeps my body moving and can always find the exact place to unlock tension and get my body back into balance. Without him, I would have to tone down my career and/or sporting aspirations. I strongly recommend him.

Hugh Robinson, Google Review

I went to see Dr. Voth for debilitating back pain, that hadn’t been sorted by two previous chiropractors I had seen. After a couple of treatments, I started to improve and am now pain free. I won’t go to anyone else now for back pain relief and am now seeing him for some trapped nerve issues (which are again improving!) Laura is lovely on the front desk and they are very accommodating to my schedule. Would highly recommend!

Ashley Graham, Google Review

Only ART provider I know of in the UK – far better than other Chiropractors I’ve seen. Well worth an appointment. No nonsense, no false claims, just straightforward, down-to-earth and effective treatment.

Phil Page, Google Review

I’m an office worker who slouches at my desk and consequently often has back pain. I have also suffered with the occasional sports injury (knee and achilles). Daniel has always been able to relieve the short-term pain quickly but I also see him routinely for a monthly realignment and my back has never felt better. I highly recommend.
One of the great things is that the appointments are quite short so it’s easy to fit in during your lunch or ‘coffee break’.

Tristan Shelley, Google Review

I’ve been going to chiropractors most of my adult life, mainly for maintenance or minor aches. However, in the last year I’ve developed chronic neck pain that radiated down my arm, and also had developed limited mobility in my mid back. Dr Voth’s clinic Was recommended by a friend and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Both issues are completely resolved after only a few visits. Thank you!!

Mark Davis, Google Review

Highly recommended!!! Daniel always fixes me when I’ve pushed myself too far at the gym or in yoga. I am very happy with his results and ongoing maintenance for my bad posture at my desk job. Don’t delay, see him today!

Vanessa Bradford, Google Review

I first visited Daniel at The Back Pain Centre for a knee injury incurred whilst on holiday approximately 7 years ago and have been a regular customer ever since for lower back problems related to working on computers for too long! The Back Pain Centre offers excellent service and I now go for preventative treatment on a monthly basis which I have found really pays dividends. I have no hesitation is recommending him and the team!

Gareth Jones, Google Review

I have been seeing Dan most weeks for a couple of years, I was at the point of surgery for chronic back pain, I’m not now!
Active release, laser therapy and adjustments really work for me and keep me pretty fit and active.
Highly recommended.

Paul Carroll, Google Review

I had been suffering from back spasms when doing the most simple tasks for many years. Then later started to suffer from sciatica also.

As a last resort I read that ART may be able to help and found Daniel at the BackPain centre near Liverpool street station.

After a course of treatments I no longer suffer back spasms and sciatica. Daniel is great, he has healing hands and works very quickly, no messing around so you’re in and out in 10-15 mins.

I would recommend Daniel to anyone suffering like I had been for so many years with going to so many different chiropractors and physiotherapists. Highly recommended definitely worth a try.

Shavi Balasuriya, Google Review

I have been seeing Dan at the Back Pain Centre for many years, with very positive results. My regular visits to him are a major part of my maintenance regime, enabling me to stay active and pain free despite a lower back injury. He has also supported me in recovering from occasional acute back pain which is usually sport related, as well as ankle and shoulder injuries.

Simon Don, Google Review

A friend recommended The Back Pain Centre. Daniel Voth , helped me to recover my health after a few months of treatment. My posture has now improved and my headaches have ended.
I work as a carer and require a healthy body, so once a month I book an appointment just to adjust my spine.
I highly recommend Daniel Voth .

Paulo Sergio Borges, Google Review
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